As 1780 residents we understand that the biggest—and most daunting—step in building your dream home at Lake James is breaking ground on your first project. To make this step easier for busy families, we are working on a small collection of starter homes we would love to see in our community. We are currently working on three building projects, with lots more ideas in the pipeline. If you would like to learn more about these soon-to-be homes, email or call Jeremy at 919 740 2961.



Amazing! A new three bedroom home in 1780 to be priced under $400,000.

This cute 1445 square foot cabin - named Gretel - is now under construction. We are building Gretel on a 2.65 acre interior (lot 109) in 1780 on Yellow Fork Trail East.

The home was designed by Mary McCarthy and is being built by ALM Building & Design Inc to the high quality standards 1780 is well known for.

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The Glass House

As real estate developers we look at a lot of house designs. This one leapt out from the crowd for the flair it adds through the bold use of glass. We hope to see something like this built in our community. Lot 97 in Old Wildlife Club could be a perfect setting. The creative talent behind this design is Miller Nicholson AIA, a Charlotte-based architect who shares our love of Lake James. If you would like to explore design possibilities with Miller, click here.